It is my endeavor to provide a range of options that suits every budget.  I'm sensitive to the fact that when you're just starting out there isn't exactly a lot of extra cash floating around.

  1. $20 - I'll attend and shoot your event for one hour and post on social media with watermarks.  You can purchase high resolution copies of any photos you like from the website.
  2. $50 - I'll shoot for one hour and provide full-resolution copies of you personally.  Any opening or accompanying acts will not be included.
  3. $100 - I'll shoot for two hours and provide full-resolution copies of the entire performance no matter how many acts are represented.
  4. $300 - I'll be your personal slave for up to 4 hours and provide full-resolution copies of any and all photos taken.

All packages include:

  • Promotion of the event on social media before it occurs
  • Posts of watermarked media on social media after the event
  • Submission of the event on Do317 if requested

Note: For all prices add any direct costs of attendance (parking, admission, etc) unless you can comp those items.

Are you a local media outlet or promoter?  For $100/yr you can subscribe to download any and all photos on the website for use in your work.  Downloads are in full size and do not include a watermark, of course.